Campus Capstone Building

Pittsburgh, PA

The Institute for Integrative Design and Demonstration is the capstone to Carnegie Mellon University campus. It is a repository of innovative and academic rigor for which CMU is attributed. The Capstone demands a presence within the campus. As the cathedral of learning is to the University of Pittsburgh, The Capstone is the monument to CMU.

This building activates the community as demonstration inwards and outwards. The core structure is composed by a lighter open steel truss system anchored by a shear concrete wall and column system. The light structure allows from a transparency towards the main axis of the campus. The composition of the south facade is developed through a panel system to deconstruct the monumentality of the facade. The operable panel system allowing for daylight control and creates a diagram for use.

The building uses a stack ventilation chimney that uses the height of the tower for more natural ventilation through the building. In addition, operable windows as well as an extensive green roof system provide users access to better working conditions.



8 weeks
Spring 2013