Artist’s and Vendor’s Booth

Pittsburgh, PA

The artist’s and vendor’s booth for the Birmingham bridge in Pittsburgh PA uses an interchangeable wall systems on booths that can be oriented either vertically or horizontally. The walls use a series of turning panels that create broken images of the of the interior conditions inspiring curiosity. The panels may also be used to hang art work and vend food products both inwards and outwards. The booths use a modular system with variable conditions to create a dynamic experience for users along the bridge. The booths are also attached to a series of tracks allowing for a multitude of layouts and configuration that can host farmers markets, gallery crawls and even concerts and performances.

This project was charged by the epic metals company as a competition. Participators were required to use epic metal products in their design. The metal paneling on the booths and tracks are all utilize this requirement. This project received special mention as a finalist in the intensive 4 day design competition.



4 days
Spring 2013