Bath House

Carroll, NH

This bath house is placed by Saco Lake, a location mainly used by hikers. Hiking is an individual experience. It is a time for self reflection and absorption. Even when in a group we come back to our own thoughts. This bath house embraces the concept of an individual experience. An individual rides over in a one person canoe entering spaces that are narrow and tall, reflecting the dimensions of a hiking trail.

The building is divided into three section, a changing room, a cold bath, and a hot bath. The circulation though the building describes the ritual of bathing. The sequence offers view portals in each section from the bath and an aperture in the roof that leads the eye upwards and outwards. Each of the three sections offers a new scenic view out onto Saco lake each pointing to a unique landmark. In combination they offer a complete view of
the site.

The form investigates the experience of being inside of a wall. The long narrow volumes intersections creates compelling overlaps and reveals. Spatial transparency is extenuated by translucent materials on the floor of the changing room and as a dividing tool in the stairwells.



2 weeks
Spring 2012