Children’s Camp for the Blind

Pittsburgh, PA

In this children’s camp for the blind a singular wall defines the organization. The wall works as a guiding element of circulation that travels as a spine along the building. All the programmatic elements extend directly out from the wall. Each section of the major circulation is affected directly by the space its adjacent too. The sounds infiltrates the circulation working as a locating tool for blind children and users.

The wall is divided into three section with two bends. The first segment is the welcome sequence a slow ramp leading down to main entrance. Next is the recreational segment which includes activity spaces and the dining room. The lodging is on the final portion of the wall and the furthest from the entry. Each segment of the wall produces a new experience through the sound of each space. Each new sound and new space inspires new imagination.

The activity and entry segments take advantage of vibration to further inform users. The pool and rock climbing room uses wind kites to translate vibration into the columns and into the water and ground allowing the children to locate themselves within the spaces. These children’s imaginations are engaged through the vibrations and sounds of the spaces.



7 weeks
Autumn 2013