Copenhagen, DK

Cloud evokes the culture of Copenhagen. A series of three steaming sculptures in the landscape of Refshaleøen Holding give rise to a cleansing ritual of body and environment. The landscape is altered to create a shallow pool on the north end in which three sculptures are anchored. Careful consideration was taken to ensure that no earth was removed from the site, but instead earth dug out for the shallow pool would be used to create a raised area that would contain changing chambers below. Cloud is a purifier of body and environment.

As people use the sculpture to cleanse their body, the sculpture cleanses the surrounding water of impurities which becomes valuable for the environment and ecosystems of Refshaleøen Holding. The purification process is also the generator of the power, since it is the same steam that powers the turbines for energy. The result is a compelling relationship between people and technology, and people and environment. The three sculptures make use of a well drilled into the ground that brings hot water to the surface. The hot water heats local water to create steam directed into the turbines creating energy and cleaning the water.



4 weeks
Spring 2013



Laura Gonzalez