Ecological Labratory

Pittsburgh, PA

This river adjacent educational and research facility allows for a diverse understanding of the immediate context by offering multiple scales of perception. The scale of experiences range between water level, garden and tree canopy all of which counterpart one another to allow for a full understanding of place as it related to the site conditions and

The laboratories are raised into the tree canopy over looking the river and the public garden. Large openings on the sides of the labs allow for direct access to the tree canopy and framed views up the river. The public garden is divided by walls that define realms of different elevation. Each elevation is a product of the 100, 50 and 20 year flood lines. When the river adjacent garden floods certain areas pool up leaving the park as a diagram of the resultant flood. Stairways allow for direct water access giving an intimate experience of the site.

The walls and divisions on the site disallow for a linear path of movement and vision. Users must use and experience all levels of the site to gain a complete understanding of the many intimate scales the spaces offer.



6 weeks
Autumn 2012