Pittsburgh, PA

As a child the world seems so small, we always want to put ourselves at a higher perspective. We climb, and scale till we’re higher than everyone else. Even now as young adults, we come to the fence, an icon on the Carnegie Mellon campus, our first instinct is to sit on it, climb it, and stand on it. In our project we recreated this sensation.

The thrill we once felt as a child, and the experience of sitting at the fence with your legs swinging is brought to another level after occupants climb up into our project and experience the shelter, accentuated by separating the walls from the structure allowing light to enter from the cracks in the corners of the ground. We further used light to our advantage by drilling holes in the wall. During the day these holes speckle the interior with light. Once it becomes dark the shelter glows from the outside.

The Shelter is constructed from Plywood and Pine 2 by 4. The structure is divided into a low portion and a high portion which frame views down the campus. The Shelter functions as an exciting place to stay and relax for all campus users who choose to climb inside.



4 weeks
Autumn 2011